Are you bilingual? Do you speak Mandarin? On this future path, you will need to! This United States of America is on its way to being lost and transformed forever from what you feel and know. This is Not a conspiracy, This is Real! As I have written before this is not new today, this did not start recently. This is an American Socialist plan, American Marxism, Communism, call it what you want that has been in the Democrat playbook for over 60 years. Only now is it really becoming noticeable because well, They are not even trying to hide it. They are telling you and showing you and making you the fool and loser in all this. Yes You, The American-born citizen, You lose. The winner is the illegal alien, Who can come here to live off of you. Free legal and immediate immigration, Free benefits, Free driver’s license, Take American Jobs, Free food stamps, Free money assistance, Free travel to any destination, Buy a new home with a Free Government assisted mortgage, and A new car. Is any of this actually Free? NO! This is the New World Order. It is paid for by YOU, the legal American citizen taxpayer. Why? Because the Socialist Democrat party wants to end Free and Fair elections. They want an open and ongoing flow of Democrat voters so they will never be able to ever lose an election.

   This all started to become the plan back in the 1960’s But really was never able to be put in place until the Clinton administration, which was a small beginning. Then became a full force full-time and successful effort during the eight years of the Obama administration. This American-hating traitor, the first “Black” man in the “White” house. You would have thought this could have been a good thing, The first Black President, could end all racism, bring everyone together as one, and make America at least socially equal. But No! This man was an America Hater, an America apologizer, wanting to bring together the “World Order,” and “Globalization.” What exactly does that mean? Well, here it is, (“Definition of globalization: the act or process of globalizing: the state of being globalized especially: the development of an increasingly integrated global economy marked especially by free trade, free flow of capital, and the tapping of cheaper foreign labor markets.”)

   Let’s mention one of those above categories, “free flow of capital,” which really just means the free flow of money into the bank accounts of your elected officials, Congress, and the DC Swamp, most of which have lived their entire life in politics, never had a job, never ran a business, many are attorneys but never wanted to work for their money. They just want to live off of yours. Sound familiar, Enter: Joe Biden. Yes, this has been his life since the 1960s.

   So is this current President doing all this, No! He does not have the mental capacity to take a shit by himself. This is the work and lifelong attribute and third term of Obama, helped along with the financial assisting capability of Billionaire George Soros, another American traitor, Jew-hating and German war crimes participant, Bill and Melinda Gates, The I know better than everyone idiot, that wants you to be eating his fake no-cow fart beef made with compliments of your neighborhood planned parenthood aborted baby placenta.

   So, getting to learning Mandarin. This whole thing is the free flow of money from China to the American politician of both parties. China now owns more of America than Americans do. The American government prints money and China buys the debt. It is not even supposed to be legal for non-Americans to be able to buy property in the U.S. but this American Congress allows it because it is financially beneficial to them and their financial portfolios. China owns 75% of the commercial property in downtown Manhattan, NYC. China owns 69% of the casino property in Las Vegas, Nevada, China owns a huge conglomerate of the Hollywood media including, Jurassic World, the legendary Dave Clark Productions, AMC Theaters nationwide, Etc, Etc, Etc, On and on. China owns 192,000 acres of American farmland. Their best friend Bill Gates owns 270,000 acres of American Transitional, Recreational, and working Farmland in the U.S.

   Here’s another real problem for me, Here in Texas a retired General from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Red Army has recently purchased several thousand acres just outside and adjoining Laughlin Air Force Base near El Paso in SW Texas for private business purposes. He says for a wind farm and this area does not even have the capability of that. This is straight out of Spying.

   Then most recently, A Chinese food processing company is attempting to buy around 370 acres of land in North Dakota, in an area around 12 miles from the Grand Forks Air Force Base, raising concerns among lawmakers that the land purchase could be used to surveil the nearby U.S. base. Lawmakers requested a review of the purchase last week, Let’s see what happens there with that, I’ll be watching.

   Late last year, a major Chinese monosodium glutamate (MSG) and xanthan gum producer known as the Fufeng Group introduced plans to build a corn mill in Grand Forks, the Grand Forks Herald reported. In the ensuing months, critics of the deal have raised concerns about the company’s ties with the Chinese government and the potential that the mill could be used to spy on American Military assets. Grand Forks AFB is home to the 319th Reconnaissance Wing, which is one of the major operators of the RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles.

   I’m here to call out all you “Dumb Shit DemoIdiots” that allowed this to happen to our Wonderful Country, All because you just had a need to get rid of “Orange Man” as you called him and you didn’t like his “mean tweets” which I just call Free Speech, We have never had a Real President that just said it like it was. I sure hope you have seen the light of where this country is headed now and that you are enjoying the dying economy and high fuel and food prices. You need to make your amends with the proper vote during the upcoming mid-term elections and then again in 2024.

   The first step in controlling people is to control the food. Then to control money and freedom. Sound “Covid” familiar? Masks, lockdowns, and closing businesses’, keep people separated so they cannot congregate, to congregate would mean communication and ideas going back and forth. This is not acceptable in the socialist agenda. You are to do just what you are told. OH! Yeah, this is not over, We are coming into a mid-term election cycle and all the above will return. They were successful in stealing an election with the use of Covid and with the additional help of Monkey Pox they will attempt to do it again. There is no other way for them to win except to lie, cheat and steal. It surely is not their formidable idea. You will again see massive mail-in voting and unattended drop boxes.

   Then there is the most ignorant idea of Federalizing Elections. This would just be a Socialist takeover of the electoral process and ruin the country forever. The election process is set up to be operated and governed by the states as the Constitution of the United States has set forth. This is the best and only way to have equal and fair elections. Otherwise, I guarantee you the entire election process will be determined by California and New York, Mid America will have no say in what is determined in this country.

   Now at this point, the Democrats are putting together and presenting a bill to add 4 more seats to the US Supreme Court. This cannot happen ever. This Country will be lost forever with 13 Justices four more will be all Democrats with lifelong appointments. This entire country and all freedoms will be governed from the bench.

God Bless America!

More to Come Next Issue,

Rick Rose

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