This Sunday Gropin’ Joe visited Rehoboth Beach again, where he has spent an amazing amount of time while in office. This comes on the heels of reports that he has spent roughly 40 percent of his term on vacation.  Apparently he has heard the reports, since he decided to announce to God and everyone that he was not on vacation and has no home to go to for the time being.

   Biden approached reporters after leaving Mass at St. Edmond Roman Catholic Church unprompted, and loudly announced that his trip was not for vacation purposes. This was weird because the president, who has two beautiful homes in Delaware, allegedly lives at the White House, but spends a lot of time visiting his other homes as well. One of those homes is currently under renovation under Secret Service efforts to update security.  

   This is, yet again, Biden being tone deaf to the point of being almost brain dead, when there are Americans in Florida with their homes under water, Americans in Hawaii with their homes burned down, Americans struggling to buy homes, pay rent or make house payments under his crippling Bidenomics  inflation, Americans sleeping on the streets of every city in America due to poverty, mental illness, and drug abuse…  and millions of homeless illegals wandering around from sea to shining sea. 

   I bet a whole lot of people would like to be the kind of ‘homeless’ Joe was this weekend, when only two of his three mansions were inhabitable.


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