House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., told Newsmax on Tuesday night that the investigation into Biden family corruption will be conducted like “every other congressional investigation in history” — deposition first, then a public hearing.

   Comer joined “Eric Bolling The Balance” to react to the news from earlier in the day that the president’s son, Hunter Biden, would only appear before the committee for a public hearing, not a deposition.

   Comer had two things to say about that:

   First, Hunter Biden’s deposition will be recorded and released publicly. And second, Hunter Biden will be held in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t show up for his deposition on Dec. 13.

   “I’m glad he’s willing to testify publicly,” Comer told Bolling. “But as you know, throughout the course of congressional history investigations, you bring people in, and you depose them first. That’s what the subpoena was for, a sit-down deposition. We expect Hunter Biden to come in on December 13th and answer questions.”

   Comer, who earlier in the day accused Biden of trying to “play by his own rules,” said he sees through the grandstanding. Biden wants a public hearing so that Democrats on the committee can rush to his defense in an attempt to drown out the hundreds of questions that have to get asked.

   “As these hearings go, you got 20 members on each side that have five minutes each,” Comer said. “We have tens of thousands of pages of documents where we need to sit down and ask specific substantive questions without filibustering, without interruption, without going five minutes back and forth with [Democrat Reps.] Jamie Raskin and Dan Goldman and little [Jared] Moskowitz jumping up and down, filing motions, and trying to disrupt the committee hearings.

   “We expect to have a very thorough, substantive deposition with Hunter Biden. Then we’ll have the public hearing just like every other congressional investigation in history.”

   Further, Comer said Biden’s testimony is public because it will be made public — via transcripts and video recording.

   “The subpoena calls for Hunter Biden to come in for a deposition, and that’s what we expect to have, a deposition where the transcripts will be released,” Comer said. “So this deposition will be filmed. This will be testifying in public, but not in a chaotic scene where the Democrats, who have already demonstrated they can’t conduct themselves in a mature, credible manner during the hearing. …

   “Then we’ll have the public hearing that everybody wants to have.”

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