The entire American media and all of the Democrats are all cackling and gasping in a fiddle dee deeing fit of the vapors over Colorado then Maine and possibly thirteen other states, attempting to keep Trump off the ballot. Well, its not as unprecedented as they think. Abraham Lincoln was also absent from the ballot because of Democrats. Ten Democrat Southern states failed to issue ballots on behalf of the Republican candidate in 1860.

   As we all know, this latest attempt to keep Trump from running has set the entire Left wing propagandist media a’flutter, even as they gleefully cackle about the Trump supporters being the South trying to rise again. This is a well worn tactic of the Left… that race card is maxed out higher than the debt ceiling. Over and over, we have seen Biden read that trumped up story on his teleprompter of white supremacists emerging from the cornfields with flaming torches and red eyes and bulging veins and crotches… but, honestly, if you look at the War Between the States without the impassioned battlecry of racism and slavery… It does appear that history is repeating itself… and the Democrats are causing it, the same as last time, with a weak ineffectual president, and by running roughshod over due process.

   However, its not due to cotton being picked or the color of anyone’s skin. It is because Joe Biden is following in the footsteps of President James Buchanan… who, up until January 2021, was widely known as the worst President in United States history.

   The American Civil War is largely attributed to the issue of slavery, and slavery WAS a large part of it… and it is still being argued about. Niki Haley caught fire over it just this week. But, honestly, the war was not a result of an elemental war between good and evil, North and South, black and white. It happened because of a pathetic President who coddled and pandered to every ridiculous whim of the Democrats, one of which was.. slavery. He showed SO much favoritism, the country boiled over and split right down the middle.


When Buchanan was inaugurated in 1857, he took over a country rife with turmoil over racism, high taxes, and human rights. He thought way too much of himself…. believed he would rival George Washington as a leader. He was at that time, the oldest President ever seated and struggled with age and health problems. He was also a career political who had served in the House and the Senate and other offices for most of his life. He was allegedly bringing experience and leadership to the White House. In truth, he made a giant clusterfuck of everything and canoodled so much with the extremists in his party, he ended up causing secession and a civil war.

Any of this sound familiar?

Buchanan’s downfall as a leader came from his clear bias toward the South. This partiality became obvious early on in his presidency. According an article by Michael Todd Landis in the Journal of the Civil War Era, Buchanan’s initial Cabinet “consisted of four Southerners, one elderly Northern statesman quite agreeable to Southerners, and two additional Northern men who were considered doughfaces. In the end, Buchanan’s cabinet did not even represent a range of interests and opinions within the Democratic party, much less the nation.” -Goucher College professor and “James Buchanan” author Jean Baker.

“Floyd, the Secretary of War, scattered the army so that much of it could be captured when hostilities should commence, and distributed the cannon and small arms from Northern arsenals throughout the South so as to be on hand when treason wanted them,” Ulysses S. Grant.

Trumpers don’t WANT a Civil War. Trumpers don’t WANT an insurrection. We are, the same as the Republicans who voted for Abraham Lincoln, just fed up with the frivolous, expensive, ineffectual bullshit of the Democrat party ripping our country apart. If it comes once again a time to whistle Dixie, you can bet your mint julep that it was caused, same as the last time, by Democrats and their glad handing puppet of a President.


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