Erstwhile Harvard President Claudine Gay will retain nearly $900,000 in salary despite resigning earlier Tuesday over rampant allegations of academic plagiarism that surfaced in the wake of her dubious congressional testimony about antisemitism early last month, the New York Post reported.

   Gay will reset to the Harvard faculty as a political science professor but will continue to be paid a salary in excess of $850,000, according to the Post. Gay was a professor of government at Harvard beginning in 2006.

   Gay earned $879,079 as a Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean in 2021, according to the Post, citing university records. She’s expected to make as much as that if not more despite returning to faculty and resigning amid the controversy, the Post reported.

   She was making $1 million as president, though it’s unclear how much of that she’ll continue to collect after only six months as the university’s top administrator, according to the Post.

   House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik blasted Harvard for allowing an alleged serial plagiarist to remain on the faculty.

   “She’s not fit to be a faculty member,” Stefanik told the Post. “It’s unacceptable when you have students at Harvard who would be expelled for plagiarism to allow a faculty member who has nearly 50 examples of plagiarism in their very slim body of academic work. It’s absurd and everybody know it. Harvard knows it too.”

   Harvard named Provost Alan M. Garber, alum and university chief academic officer, as interim president effective immediately.

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