According to a report by Politico, U.S. officials said there’s an escalating risk that Lebanese Hezbollah militants will strike Americans in the Middle East, but perhaps of even more concern, they could hit inside the United States.

   The Iran-backed militants would be likely to likely target U.S. personnel in the Middle East first, the officials told the news organization.

   U.S. intelligence agencies gathering Hezbollah data say what they’ve seen suggested it may be weighing strikes against U.S. troops or diplomatic staffers overseas, two of the officials said.

   Politico quoted the officials as saying the chances of such a brazen attack on the U.S. are also growing as the war in Gaza continues and tensions escalate. 

   “Hezbollah could draw on the capability they have … to put people [in] places to do something. It is something to be worried about,” one of the officials said. 

   All the officials were given anonymity by Politico to talk freely about the reports.

   America has come under criticism since Hamas struck Israel on Oct. 7 of last year, igniting a war in the Gaza Strip. As critics of Israel’s assault on Hamas targets have accused that nation of targeting innocents in Gaza, and even of committing genocide against the Palestinian people, they have also criticized the Biden administration for failing to push Israel harder toward a cease-fire and a conclusion to the bloody conflict. (U.S. officials have urged more targeted strikes to minimize civilian harm and work toward a two-state solution.)

   Some experts have raised concern that the Gaza war could spread across the region.

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