PHOENIX, AZ – A teenager and young man were fatally shot in south Phoenix last month, and recently, new developments have emerged in the case. The cousin of the teen has been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder, according to records.

   Tommy Banegas, 41, was taken into custody on Tuesday and is facing charges related to the deaths of a 16-year-old boy and 24-year-old Jovanni Burciaga. The fatal shooting occurred on Dec. 17 near 7th Street and Southern Avenue, where police discovered masks, gloves, backpacks, and firearms near the bodies of the deceased.

   Banegas initially called 911 to report a home robbery, claiming that two masked individuals with guns had entered the garage of a residence on Pecan Road. The resident of the home told police that the masked men stole property and fled. As the alleged robbers were leaving, the resident fired at them, resulting in the injuries of the resident and the deaths of the two young men.

   Further investigations revealed that Banegas was a cousin of the deceased 16-year-old and that Burciaga had been living with him. Despite initially denying any involvement with the deceased individuals, evidence from Facebook messages and security surveillance footage suggested otherwise.

    Authorities discovered exchanges between Banegas and his cousin that implied he had prior knowledge of the planned robbery. Surveillance footage also showed Banegas fleeing the scene of the robbery and acting calmly afterwards, indicating his alleged involvement.

   Banegas is now facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, armed robbery, and burglary in connection to the incident. Under Arizona law, individuals can be charged with murder if they participated in a crime that resulted in death.

    The case continues to unfold as authorities gather more evidence and information related to the tragic shooting in south Phoenix.

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