As the country watches the showdown between Haley and Trump unfold in New Hampshire, she has amazingly enough gotten even more mouthy and obnoxious than she was already. Today the news quoted her as saying ‘this is not the coronation of Trump’.. adding to her ever growing annoying vernacular copied from Democrats and RINOs.

   This comment was quite cringy when you think about it. She wants to make jokes about him being viewed as a king, when honestly, it’s Congress who treat their seats like they inherited them for life. I honestly wouldn’t care if Trump DID get crowned, or seated for six or eight or even a lifetime Presidency… how would that differ from members of Congress who have had their bony old butts glued to their seats for 30-40-50 years?

   A coronation of Trump would be better for American than the whole emperor’s new clothes scenario that has played out under Biden, anyway.

   Any GOP candidate who is making ‘king’ cracks at their opponent but not speaking out for term limits in Congress is just ridiculous. I reckon we will find out tonight if The Kingmaker has what it takes to take out the court jester in New Hampshire.


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