Nikki Haley has now been caught out posting two fake fan mail emails to herself as proof of how how well loved she is. One was written in what appears to be an email box that has not been sent yet, with the top of the email box stating “new message.” The other appears to be a hand-written note, but with closer inspection it is obviously a computerized font that has the appearance of being written by hand. The question this begs is… if she is is as popular as she claims to be… why is she having to make FAKE fan mail?Why isn’t she using her REAL fan mail? This is pretty blatant proof of her lying and conniving. I can’t decide if its more like Jussie Smollett or Hillary’s bought and paid for Russia hoax.. but either way, this slimy duplicity is not the kind of look we need in a presidential candidate… i prefer mean tweets to lies all day long.


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