CONCORD, N.H. – Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Tuesday in the trial of Adam Montgomery, who has been accused of the murder of his 5-year-old daughter, Harmony, as well as the disposal of her body. Harmony’s remains have not been located, and Adam has pleaded not guilty to the charges filed against him in 2022.

   Adam faces charges of second-degree murder, abuse of a corpse, falsifying physical evidence, assault, and witness tampering. The trial is set to take place in Manchester, New Hampshire, and is anticipated to span approximately three weeks.

   Harmony’s case has shed light on the shortcomings of child protection systems and has prompted calls to prioritize the well-being of children in custody matters. Born to unmarried parents with a history of substance abuse, Harmony was moved between her mother’s home and foster parents multiple times before Adam gained custody in 2019 and relocated to New Hampshire.

   According to an affidavit, Adam’s estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery, who is currently serving an 18-month prison sentence for perjury, is expected to be a key witness for the prosecution after agreeing to cooperate. She has alleged that Adam killed Harmony in December 2019, punching her in the face and head while the family was living in their car.

   Furthermore, Kayla stated that Adam acknowledged harming Harmony and then moved her body from one location to another for several months before ultimately disposing of it in March 2020 using a rented moving truck. Police have conducted searches in various locations but have not yet located Harmony’s remains.

   This tragic case has drawn attention to the vulnerabilities within child protection systems and the need to prioritize the safety and well-being of children in custody matters. The upcoming trial will serve as an opportunity to seek justice for Harmony and shed light on the urgent improvements that are necessary to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

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